Video – 2015 PNW Oilseed and Direct Seed Conference

Keynote and General Sessions

2015 Conference Welcome -Day 1: Production Innovations & Strategies
Bill Pan, WSU

Case Study for Cropping Concepts in North Central Washington
Frank Young, USDA-ARS Pullman, WA

Innovations in Agriculture and Components of a Successful Cropping System
Neil Harker, Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada

High Residue Farming in Irrigated Cropping Systems
Andy McGuire, WSU Extension

Innovation Production Strategies – PNW Oilseed & Direct Seed Producer Panel
Douglas Poole, Mansfield, WA; Andy Juris, Bickleton, WA; Eric Odberg, Genessee, ID; Drew Leitch, Nezperce, ID; Bill Jepsen, Heppner, OR

Major Conference Sponsors
Bayer CropScience, Pacific Coast Canola and The Scoular Co.

Precision Ag – Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and Satellite Imagery
Robert Blair, Kendrick ID; Brad Ward, Advanced Aviation Solutions; John Sulik, USDA-ARS, Pendleton, OR

Soil Research: The New Frontier (Day 2 Conference Welcome: Soil Health and Quality)
Jim Moyer, WSU

Healthy Plants Grow in Healthy Soils
Jill Clapperton, Rhizoterra, Inc.

Soil Health and Quality in the Pacific Northwest
Bill Pan, WSU; Dave Huggins, USDA-ARS, Pullman, WA; Stephen Machado, OSU; Jodi Johnson-Maynard, UI

Ice Age Geology: A Common Thread for Pacific Northwest Agriculture
Nick Zentner, Central Washington University

Cover Cropping in the U.S. and PNW – Opportunities and Challenges
Rob Myers, NCR-SARE, Missouri and Lindsey du Toit, WSU

Maximizing Retention of Moisture in Low Rainfall Regions
Markus Braaten and Elston Solberg, AgriTrend

Thoughts on Innovation (Day 3 Conference Welcome – Marketing and Economics)
John McNabb, Inkom, ID

Economics of Biodiesel Plant Location and PNW Grain Marketing
Randy Fortenbery, WSU and Bud Riedner, McCoy Grain Terminal LLC

Transgenic Crops – The Methods, Pros & Cons of GMOs and Biotechnology
Michael Neff, WSU

Oilseed Breakout Sessions

Production Innovation & Strategies

Canola 101: Getting Started & Revisiting the Basics
Jim Davis, UI and Beau Blachly, Croplan by Winfield

Insect and Disease Management for Oilseed Crops
Tim Paulitz, USDA-ARS Pullman; Jim Davis, UI; Dale Whaley, WSU Extension

2014 – The Year Your Neighbor Was Right…But is Opportunity Knocking?
Curtis Hennings, Ritzville; Andy Juris, Bickleton; Denver Black, Mansfield

Oilseed Variety Performance & Research – University Perspective
Mike Stamm, KSU; Frank Young, USDA-ARS Pullman; Jack Brown, UI

Canola Variety Performance & Research – Industry Perspective 
Bayer CropScience, Croplan by Winfield, Monsanto, Rubisco Seeds, Star Specialty Seed

Flax, Camelina, Mustard, and Other Oilseeds 
Tomas Endicott, Willamette Biomass Processors; John McElheran, Maupin, OR; Gaylin Davies, McKay Seed; Scot Hulbert, WSU

Forage, Grazing and Feed – It’s Not Just the Seed!
Don Llewellyn, WSU Extension; Randy Emtman, Valleyford; Keith Weerts, Garfield

Soil Health & Quality

What IS Canola Doing to the Soil?
Tai McClellan Maaz, WSU; Taylor Beard, WSU; Jeremy Hansen, WSU

Water Management in Dryland & Irrigated Systems
Megan Reese, WSU; Bill Schillinger, WSU; Kurt Melville, Enterprise, OR

Nutrient and Soil pH Management Strategies
Don Wysocki, OSU; Markus Braaten, Agri-Trend; Paul Carter, WSU Extension

Managing Chem Fallow for Oilseeds 
Frank Young, USDA-ARS and Douglas Poole, Mansfield

Winter Survival – Survival of the Fittest?
Bill Pan, WSU; Jim Davis, UI; Mike Stamm, KSU; Curtis Hennings, Ritzville

Marketing and Economics

2015 Crop Insurance: Update and Thoughts for Growers
Jason Ludeman, Crop Insurance Solutions

Agronomy and Economy of Rotations with Oilseeds
Vicki McCracken, WSU; Wade Troutman, Bridgeport; Mark Greene, Cloverland

Marketing Strategies: The Big and Little Pictures
Mike Conklin, The Scoular Co.; Heath Barnes, Whitgro; Steve Riggers, Nezperce, ID

* Video was not taken of direct seed breakout sessions; please refer to the powerpoint presentations for those sessions.

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