Field Days

Spring Canola Tours wrap up at Pullman

The final spring canola tour was held July 10 at Pullman with another great crowd of growers, crop consultants, and WSU faculty and staff. Our large-scale spring canola variety trials and a plant population study were featured at Almira, Walla Walla, and Pullman. The WSU-WOCS handouts (pdf) from the tours with information about the 6 entries in the trial, field operations at each location, and contact information of the presenters can be viewed from the WSU-WOCS handouts link.


Winter canola tour draws a crowd

The tour of large-scale winter canola variety trials at Curtis and Erika Hennings’ farm in November 2016 attracted 47 growers, crop consultants, faculty, grad students, and agency folks. You can read about the tour in the latest WSU CAHNRS Newsletter. Handouts at the tour about the varieties (pdf), and blackleg (pdf) can be viewed by clicking on the word for each.


Spring canola variety trial tours show differences

We have held tours at all three large-scale spring canola variety sites (St. John, Fairfield, Davenport) and differences in days to flowering, height, weed control, and vigor were observed at all locations.


Canola and cropping system tours a success, handouts available

Tours held May 2016 attracted 150 attendees to learn more about winter canola production, blackleg, the status of canola markets, crop rotation strategies, and more. A recap of each tour can be read via the links below.

Handouts about blackleg management (pdf) and winter canola variety trials (pdf) were distributed at each of the tours (click on underlined text to view).