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2019 Spring Oilseed Suppliers in the PNW

*** for WA, all seed must be tested, certified blackleg-free, and quarantine-compliant; check that there is a green label issued from WSDA for WA seed!

*** RR = Roundup Ready, LL = Liberty Link, CL = Clearfield tolerant, SURT = sulfonylurea residual tolerant, conv = conventional

*** contact Karen Sowers, 808-283-7013 for additions or changes

2019 PNW Spring Oilseed Suppliers (pdf)


Business Location(s) Contact Phone Email Spring Oilseed/Trait

Ag Enterprise


Wilbur, WA


Mike Nestor




BrettYoung, Cibus, Croplan, InVigor

– call for availability of varieties

Ag Link Almira, WA Clint Schuler 509-639-2421 Seed available upon request
– call for availability of varieties
Coulee City, WA Dale Clark 509-632-5292
Davenport, WA Ken Uto 509-725-3321
Dayton, WA Pat Davidson 509-382-4581
Edwall, WA Ken Uto 509-796-3301
Reardan, WA John Merkel 509-796-3301
Waterville, WA Travis Liening 509-745-8983
BrettYoung various Mike McPhee 509-981-9652 Canola: 5545CL, 6080RR

CHS Primeland


Clarkston, WA

Multiple locations


Ken Mingo for orders




Croplan, Cibus, BrettYoung, Dow, Dekalb


Columbia Grain

Clarkston, WA Nathan Rosenau 509-758-1000 Croplan HyClass 930RR,
Rubisco Atomic & Trapper
– call for availability of other varieties
Craigmont, ID Brian Lorentz 208-983-0540
Great Falls, MT
Pullman, WA
Grangeville, ID
Nezperce, ID
CHS – Connell Grain Connell, WA Austin Davis 509-539-9999 Canola, sunflowers, and mustard available upon request
– call for availability and early purchase discount
Dry Fork Ag Ledger, MT Brad Birch 406-450-4508 Bayer, Croplan, Dow, Dekalb, conventional varieties; call for pricing and availability
George Brocke & Sons, Inc Kendrick, ID Dean, Bert, Dirk or Corey 208-289-4231 Call for information about fall rapeseed contracts
Grange Supply Co. Odessa, WA Pete Martin 509-988-0011 Croplan varieties
– call for pricing and availability
Helena Agri-Enterprises, LLC Wilbur, WA Mike Breidenbach 509-990-4030 Call for varieties – conv, RR, CL, LL all locations
Mustard – call for varieties
Sunflower – call for varieties
Wilbur, WA Shayne Lewis 509-641-0521
Lind, WA Kyle Young 509-990-2334
Fairfield, WA Barry Greenwalt 509-595-5843
HighLine Grain Growers Waterville, WA
Wilbur, WA
Ryan Higginbotham 509-796-4141 HyCLASS 930 & HyCLASS 955, Dyna-Gro
– call for other available varieties
– mustard contracts available
– Sunflower
– call for varieties
Infinity Agri-Service Cottonwood, ID Mike Kennedy 208-507-0984 Croplan, DeKalb, Rubisco, Nexera, InVigor
– call for other available varieties
McGregor Company All PNW locations Doug Wendt 509-386-3132 Croplan HyCLASS 930RR and 955RR, Star 402RR
– additional varieties and specialty varieties
may be available upon request
McKay Seed Moses Lake, WA Matt Schafer 509-750-4548 Croplan RR, Nexera CL and conventional canola. Call for information about yellow, brown, or Oriental mustard contracts
Almira, WA Matt Erwin 509-977-1309
Almira office 509-639-2293
Rosalia, WA Kevin Reed 509-523-3471
Nutrien Ag Solutions all branches in WA, OR, ID Miranda Streeter 509-770-3482 Dyna-Gro: DG533RR, DG540RR, DG200CL
X122CL; Nexera
(call for availability)
Photosyntech Bob Amstrup  701-226-8958 NCC101S (conventional hybrid)
Pomeroy Grain Growers  Pomeroy, WA  Todd Ruchert 509-843-1394
208-791-2796 Call for varieties


Rubisco Seeds LLC Philpot, KY Brian Caldbeck 270-316-4316 Please inquire about spring canola availability
* Helix Vibrance or Prosper Evergol seed treatment included
* Please inquire about seed discounts
*** seed shipped to local retailer of choice at no additional cost, please contact us
Claire Caldbeck 270-903-4994
Spectrum Crop Development Ralston, WA Curtis Hennings 509-659-1757 Croplan, NCC101S, InVigor, BrettYoung, Star 402RR, Early One (spring rapa)
Sunflower and safflower
available upon request; call about camelina contracts
So-Lo Air Valier, MT Luke Redd 406-450-1917 Invigor, Nexera, Croplan
Star Specialty Seed 4102 Timberline Dr
Fargo, ND 58104
Jim Johnson 701-361-8958 Star 402 (RR)
 *** inquire about early purchase discounts
Tri-State Seed Connell, WA Craig Teel 509-234-2500
528-4851 cell Seed available upon request
– call for availability of varieties
Wilbur-Ellis Caldwell, ID Kenny Macy 208-459-1631 Call for varieties – wide selection available
(RR, LL, CL)
Walla Walla, WA  
Fairfield, WA Brian Jeske 509-283-2411
Fairfield, WA Cevin Johnson 509-339-5297
Willamette Biomass Processors Rickreall, OR Craig Parker 503-831-1363 Flax; also purchasing camelina; non-GMO canola


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