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Canola and the Farm Bill

The U.S. Canola Association prepared a side by side comparison of the House and Senate Farm Bills. Note Title VII which applies to reauthorizing funding through 2023 for supplemental and alternative crops that includes canola, and states the rotational value and habitat of canola for honey bees and other pollinators. Comparison of House and Senate 2018 Farm Bills – Canola (pdf)

Membership available for PNW Canola Association

Producers, industry, and agencies who have an interest in canola and the betterment of the canola industry are all eligible for membership in the Pacific Northwest Canola Association.  For more information email the Association, or a membership form is available (pdf).

2018 WSU Oilseed Workshops wrap up with high interest

We wrapped up the 2018 WSU-WOCS workshops with lots of enthusiasm, great information, and record attendance at all locations. Presentations and research posters will be posted as soon as we receive them from the speakers.  If you have any comments or suggestions about the 2018 workshops or future events please email Karen Sowers.  Many thanks to all our presenters, planning committees, sponsors, and attendees!.

Producer Members elected to PNW Canola Association

Please join us in congratulating the 10 Producer Members from ID, MT, OR, and WA that will serve on the board of directors of the PNW Canola Association! Here is an article in Capital Press about the election and PNWCA.

WOCS Project Celebrates a Decade of Research and Extension

The WSU-based Washington Oilseed Cropping Systems (WOCS) Project has surpassed the 10-year mark since starting in 2007 as part of the Washington State Biofuels Initiative and renewable fuel standard mandate. The state legislature allotted $395,000 in 2007 to fund research and Extension related to exploring the viability of various crops to supply feedstock to the biofuels market. While funding has been reduced to $295,000, the WOCS team continues to provide quality data and information to WA and PNW oilseed producers and industry…..read more including the projects receiving funding for 2017-18 (pdf).

Spring Canola Variety Trials harvested

Our three spring canola variety trials are harvested; yields across the six varieties averaged 1,105 lbs/acre at Almira, 1,460 lbs/acre at Walla Walla, and 2,080 lbs/acre at Pullman.  Factors affecting yield included precipitation and weed pressure, but especially planting date after a very wet spring delayed planting in some areas.  Almira was planted latest, May 12, and the majority of flowering occurred during very hot temperatures, causing many aborted pods.  The trial at Walla Walla also experienced high temperatures, but after the canola had already been flowering for a couple of weeks (planted April 17).  While Pullman had the highest yield, our cooperator believes if he had been able to plant at least a week or two earlier than May 1, yields would have been considerably higher.  Stay tuned for complete yield data and statistics, and in the meantime visit our Facebook page for photos of harvest.

Winter Canola Variety Trials – Yield Data

We finished up harvest of our three locations in late July – Odessa, Ralston, and St. John – with above average yield at Ralston and St. John, and below average yield at Odessa. The lower yields at Odessa site may be attributed to variation in emergence, subsequent plant size that was very small going into winter, moderate to heavy weed pressure, and unknown residual herbicide history. The yield data can be viewed here (pdf). As you are making variety selection decisions, take a look at the Production Information page for other variety trial data from WSU and UI, as well as oilseed suppliers.

The ‘4Rs’ of Nitrogen Management of Canola in a Wheat Rotation

Check out this great paper “4R nitrogen management when integrating canola into semi-arid wheat” (PDF) about nitrogen management of canola in a wheat/cereal rotation, published recently in Crops & Soils Magazine. WSU-WOCS, OSU and UI faculty and grad students are the authors, and the information is based specifically on PNW canola research.

New video published: “Spring Canola Production in Eastern Washington”

Our project collaborated with the CAHNRS Communications video team to produce a video about spring canola production that is now available on YouTube.  The three cooperators who hosted the WOCS 2016 large-scale spring canola variety trials were interviewed for the video, and there is also drone footage of the plots at each location. The video can be found on the WSU CAHNRS YouTube channel. A companion video “Canola Production and Research in Washington State” was published in 2014 and features more detailed information about the WOCS Project.

Seeding rate and plant density calculators

The Canola Council of Canada has developed calculators to help growers set seeding rates and plant stands that match seed size, risk factors and estimated seed survival.  Check out the calculators on the Canola Council of Canada site.

Got pest or disease questions? WSU Plant Pest Diagnostic Clinic accepting samples

As the warmer temperatures speed along crop development, questions may arise about a particular insect, disease, or other ‘mystery’ crop conditions in your fields. Regardless of the crop, the WSU Plant Pest Diagnostic Clinic can analyze samples and provide a recommendation based on the diagnosis. WSU Plant Pest Diagnostic Clinic flyer (pdf)

Enterprise budget for intermediate and low rainfall region

The Extension publication “Enterprise Budgets: Wheat & Canola Rotations in Eastern Washington Intermediate Rainfall (12-16″) Zone (Oilseed Series)” (pdf) is available. Here is the accompanying Excel spreadsheet workbook for the 12-16″ zone (Excel file). This budget and the accompanying low rainfall version (pdf) with the <12″ region workbook (Excel file) are powerful tools to calculate and compare the short and long-term economics of including canola in a cereal rotation.

PNW Canola Cash Bids

To check on local cash bids for canola and other commodities at a location near you, please go to our page Local Cash Bids – Canola.



The Washington State University Oilseed Cropping Systems Research and Extension Program, in partnership with the Washington State Department of Agriculture, is committed to supporting the grower and industry-based movement to diversify cropping system agronomics and markets through increased adoption and production of oilseed crops.