Haiying Tao

Haiying Tao_Head


Assistant Professor/Nutrient Management Specialist

Department of Crop & Soil Sciences
253 Johnson Hall
PO Box 646420
Pullman, WA 99164-6420 USA
Phone: 509-335-4389




Curriculum Vitae (pdf)


Ph.D., Plant/Soil Science, University of Connecticut, 2007
M.S., Agronomy, China Agricultural University, 2002
B.S., Agronomy, China Agricultural University, 1998


Broadly stated, I study Soil Fertility and Best Nutrient Management Practices for optimum crop yield, while aware of environmental concerns. I work collaboratively with scientists in various disciplines, agricultural organizations, governmental agencies, extension agencies on studying sustainable agriculture productions and deliver innovative strategies to farmers.

Current projects and interests: (1) site-specific nutrient management practices, (2) nitrogen management strategies for wheat yield and protein, (3) fertilizer-induced soil acidity, and (4) soil fertility evaluation and recommendation.


My mission of extension is efficient and effective nitrogen use, sustainability and economic benefits. My vision is to identity farmers’ needs and research priorities, and to provide relevant assistance in improving agronomic practices and nutrient management recommendations. I am especially interested in conducting on-farm research and demonstration education trials.


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Tao, H., T.F. Morris, B. Bravo-Ureta, R. Meinert, and J. Neafsey. 2012. Nutrient applications reported by farmers compared with performance-based nutrient management plans for cornfields: A Connecticut case study. Agron. J. 104:437-447.

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Kyveryga, P., H. Tao, T.F. Morris, and T.M. Blackmer. 2010. Identification of nitrogen management categories by corn stalk nitrate sampling guided by aerial imagery. Agron. J. 102:858-867.