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Managing harvest loss

The Alberta Canola Producers Commission has a great video that includes Q&A from several producers about how to figure out how much seed is being lost out the back of the combine, with a number of different methods. Watch the video here. We will revisit this information and many topics related to canola production during our January oilseed workshops (either week of Jan. 16 or 23).

WA Oilseed Cropping System Series adds two more publications

WOCS faculty and collaborators have published two more Fact Sheets to add to the Oilseed Series.  Click on the title of the publication to view a pdf:

Scroll towards the bottom of this page to access more publications in the Oilseed Series.

Winter canola yield trial results

University of Idaho has released preliminary data from 5 sites in Washington and Idaho, with the Moscow, ID location including two planting dates.  Data from Oregon is pending. Click here to see the preliminary data.

Falling numbers? WSU provides fact sheet

“Managing the Risk of Low Falling Numbers in Wheat” includes extensive information about falling numbers including how falling numbers are determined, photos and descriptions of sprouted grain, and much more.  The fact sheet can be viewed here.

Winter canola harvest update

Some dryland winter canola has been harvested in eastern Washington, with yields reported upwards of 3,000 lbs/acre.  Irrigated canola yield has ranged from 3,300 – 4,100 lbs/acre.  A video of canola being pushed on the Weishaar, Inc farm north of Odessa can be viewed here.

Spring canola variety trial tours show differences

We have held tours at all three large-scale spring canola variety sites (St. John, Fairfield, Davenport) and differences in days to flowering, height, weed control, and vigor were observed at all locations.  Depending on weather and harvest schedules we may offer one more tour to take a more in-depth look at canola production including hands-on analysis in the field of insect and disease identification and management, harvest methods, and combine settings.

  • Handout for Fairfield variety trials
  • Handout for Wilke Farm variety trials

Canola and cropping system tours a success, handouts available

The tour held the last two weeks attracted 150 attendees to learn more about winter canola production, blackleg, the status of canola markets, crop rotation strategies, and more.  A recap of each tour can be read via the links below.

  • Irrigated winter canola field tour near Odessa recap
  • Winter and spring canola tour near Pomeroy, recap
  • Douglas Co. cropping systems tour recap

Handouts about blackleg management and winter canola variety trials were distributed at each of the tours (click on underlined text to view).

Got pest or disease questions? WSU Plant Pest Diagnostic Clinic accepting samples

As the warmer temperatures speed along crop development, questions may arise about a particular insect, disease, or other ‘mystery’ crop conditions in your fields.  Regardless of the crop, the WSU Plant Pest Diagnostic Clinic can analyze samples and provide a recommendation based on the diagnosis. See complete information here.

Enterprise budget for intermediate rainfall region available

The Extension publication “Enterprise Budgets: Wheat & Canola Rotations in Eastern Washington Intermediate Rainfall (12-16″) Zone (Oilseed Series)” is now available. Click here for a pdf of the publication.  The accompanying Excel spreadsheet workbook can be accessed here. This budget and the low rainfall version with its workbook (available hereare powerful tools to calculate and compare the short and long-term economics of including canola in a cereal rotation.

WOCS teams up for presentation at Wheat Academy

Three faculty and three graduate students from the WOCS team gave a group presentation about canola in a wheat rotation during the 2015 Wheat Academy in December.  The presentation can be viewed here. Frank Young, Megan Reese, Lauren Port, Bill Pan, Tai Maaz, and Vicki McCracken were the presenters.

PNW Canola Cash Bids

Click here to check on local cash bids for canola and other commodities at a location near you.


Recent Publications from WOCS Scientists:

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