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Canola is featured crop on Washivore for September

An informational page was created by that highlights various aspects of canola and canola production in Washington State. While visiting the canola page check out all the other information about many of the state’s crops.

2014 Conference video available

General and breakout session videos from the 2014 Oilseed and Direct Seed Conference are now online.  Make plans to attend the 2015 conference Jan. 20-22 in Kennewick!

Canola Production in WA and WSU Oilseed Project

WSU CAHNRS Communications has produced a video with aerial footage from a winter canola field tour south of Odessa.  The video highlights the recent increase in canola acreage in WA, and provides information about the Washington Oilseed Cropping Systems project based at WSU since 2007.


2014 Oilseed & Direct Seed Conference Reflections

Make plans to attend the 2015 conference after watching this video just released by WSU CAHNRS Communications:


Winter Oilseed Supply and Delivery Points

An updated list of winter oilseed supply (canola and rapeseed) from seed dealers and retail outlets in the PNW is now available.  Note the wide selection of conventional and herbicide tolerant varieties to address specific rotation and field situations.  Again, as noted below, be sure to purchase certified seed, and to use seed treatment to reduce the chance of blackleg. We have also provided an updated list of facilities accepting delivery of oilseeds.

*** BLACKLEG update ***

*** An updated alert about blackleg in brassicas has been published by WSU and OSU plant pathologists.
An outbreak of blackleg has occurred in a diversity of crucifer/brassica crops across the Willamette Valley of OR this spring. Blackleg, caused by Phoma lingam (sexual stage = Leptosphaeria maculans), has been found in numerous fields in at least 4 counties across the Willamette Valley, and has already started to cause some losses/impacts. The pathogen has been found infecting wild brassicas, brassica cover crops, brassica forage crops, brassica vegetable seed crops, and brassica oilseed crops. It is critical to purchase CERTIFIED CANOLA SEED, request seed treatment, and if planting cover crops that contain brassicas, make sure that you know the source of the seed, and that it is also certified.  Read full alert from OSU plant pathologist Cindy Ocamb.

Canola Tour summaries

A summary of several of the winter canola tours in WA and OR can be viewed in a recent WSU CAHNRS newsletter.  A packet of information handed out at some of the tours can be viewed here.

PNW Canola Cash Bids

Click here to check on local cash bids for canola and other commodities at a location near you.


WBCS Project wins 2014 Team Interdisciplinary Award!

The Washington State Biofuels Cropping Systems (WBCS) project team will accept the award, sponsored by the WSU College of Agricultural, Human, and Natural Resources, in late April.  Since the project started in 2007, 15 state faculty, 7 USDA-ARS scientists, 6 research associates, 11 graduate students, and 12 technicians have been involved in conducting research and outreach about oilseed crop production in Washington State and the PNW.


WSU Oilseed and PNDSA Direct Seed Cropping Systems Conference 

Research Poster Presentations now online!

* Powerpoint Presentations now online!

Thank you to everyone involved in the 2014 conference – the many sponsors, speakers, vendors, the planning committee, and all attendees!  There was representation from Australia, Canada and 16 U.S. states to provide a variety of perspectives and discussion about oilseed production and direct seed cropping systems.  If you have any comments or suggestions about the conference please contact Karen Sowers or Dennis Roe.


2013 University of Idaho canola variety trial results

The University of Idaho has released data from their 2013 spring and winter canola variety trials from several locations in the PNW.  The trials are conducted by Dr. Jack Brown, Jim Davis and their crew in Moscow, ID.  The Canola, Rapeseed and Mustard Program also has a new URL for their website.

2013 Conference Videos available

WSU Extension has announced the release of video coverage from the 2013 WSU Oilseed Production and Marketing Conference in January.  Over sixty videos feature keynote speakers, growers, industry, agency, and university researchers presenting a wide range of topics in general and breakout session formats.  Access the videos here, or by clicking on the Presentations tab to the left.

Delivery points for oilseeds in the PNW

The 2013 list is available here.  Please send additions or updates to Karen Sowers.

“Golden Opportunities” 2013 WSU Oilseed Production and Marketing Conference

*** Powerpoint, video and poster presentations available here.

Oilseed Production Case Studies from low to intermediate and high rainfall zones available

The second set in a series of case studies featuring Washington state oilseed crop producers is now available online. The growers profiled have experience with winter canola, spring canola, mustard, sunflowers, and camelina. This set of case studies covers a wide geographical area from southeast WA near the Blue Mountains to north central WA in Douglas County. The first set of case studies from the high rainfall, eastern WA area can be accessed here.


Irrigation Scheduling – now online and mobile

Troy Peters, WSU extension irrigation specialist, partnered with AgWeatherNet director Gerrit Hoogenboom, and AgWeatherNet web developer Sean Hill to develop Irrigation Scheduler Mobile, a free online irrigation scheduling tool for doing simplified check-book style irrigation scheduling.  It is optimized for use on a smart phone and works on any platform including iPhone, Android, MS Windows Phone, or Blackberry. Desktop manual can be accessed here.

Recent Publications from WBCSR Scientists:


The Washington State University Biofuels Cropping Systems Research and Extension Program, in partnership with the Washington State Department of Agriculture, is committed to supporting the grower and industry-based movement to diversify cropping system agronomics and markets through increased adoption and production of oilseed crops.

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USDA Announces Harvest Prices for 2014 Crop Year Small Grains and Canola Revenue Products
Prices are for revenue protection insurance plans within the Common Crop Insurance Policy for wheat, barley, fall canola, and rapeseed in AK, ID, OR, and WA. Also included are the projected prices used in determining the initial insurance coverage.

USDA-RMA Reminds Producers of Important Procedures for Filing Crop Insurance Claims
In general, producers must give notice within 72 hours of the initial discovery of damage or loss of production of a planted crop, and not later than 15 days after the end of the insurance period….. 

Save the Date!  
The 2015 PNW Oilseed and Direct Seed Conference will be held January 20-22 at the Three Rivers Convention Center in Kennewick, WA.  The theme is “Cropping Concepts: Feeding Farmer Innovations.”  Stay tuned for more information!

Washington Oilseed Commission Undergoing Changes
The WA Oilseed Commission welcomed two new commissioners on June 1.  Ag Association Management has been chosen as the new administrative office for the Commission and is busy with updating records and introducing themselves to oilseed growers in WA.

U.S. Canola Association Quick Bytes July 2014
Read the latest monthly news update from the USCA, including information about canola agronomy, nutrition, policy, the latest industry news, and more from around the country.

USDA-NASS Releases Projected Plantings
Acreage estimates released March 31, 2014 are higher in Washington than Idaho for the first time.  Projected plantings for WA are up from 37,000 acres in 2013 to 45,000 acres; Idaho came in at 35,000 acres, down from 44,000 acres in 2013.  Acreage was also less in Oregon (10,000 acres) compared to 2013 (13,000 acres). Click on the title for all other crops. Canola can be found on page 14.

USDA-RMA Releases 2014 Projected Prices
Oilseed crops included are spring canola at $0.184/lb, and spring rapeseed at $0.223/lb. The projected prices and volatility factors, malting barley additional value prices, and additional price elections for select commodities in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest can be found here

Ban on Trans Fats Would be Boon to Canola Growers
Canola seeds produce oil with less saturated fat than many cooking oils and got a boost last fall when the Food and Drug Administration announced it was changing its view on trans fats. Acreage in the PNW and southern Great Plains continues to increase…..continue reading here.

Canola production banned in Willamette Valley until 2017

Oregon Governor Kitzhaber signed House Bill 2427 on August 14, 2013, effectively banning all canola production within the Willamette Valley except for acreage defined for research by Oregon State University. Read more here.

Washington Canola and Rapeseed Commission information online

Access information about the WA Canola & Rapeseed Commission from the WSDA Commissions web page.  A direct link to the WCRC page is here.



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